Company History

BioVolt was established in 2013 in order to develop the tools and the market for precision diagnostics on demand. The technology is based on BioVolt's licensed and multi-patented Ring Resonator technology combined with the latest techniques in molecular analytics.

The ring resonators are photonic sensors or interferometers, with an exquisite sensitivity to changes in refractive index. This physical principle is exploited through the fixing of antibodies or DNA to the sensor surface, which during an assay, bind specifically to molecular targets in a fluid sample. BioVolt's combination of technologies is capable of meeting or in some cases exceeding current laboratory state-of-art. The crucial advantage of BioVolt's technology is its ability to miniaturise sensors for point-of-care and field use and to deliver rapid results. BioVolt technology differentiates itself through its suitability for mass-production with commodity components.

The mission of BioVolt is to deliver complete solutions for specific clinical applications as defined by our prospective customers. Assays for these applications are developed in partnership with leading laboratories.

BioVolt works with European reference laboratories for the multi-laboratory validation of our platform and each individual application.

Portable field-assay device

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