BioVolt Diagnostics

BioVolt BioVolt

BioVolt is a startup intent on refreshing the diagnostics and management of Metabolic Syndrome through use of new Bioassay and Data Analytic technology.

Our Team


  • Eric Smith, Medical Doctor and entrepreneur with extensive IT experience and an interest in data-intensive Wellness solutions

  • Paul Smit, formerly SVP Philips Healthcare, with a PhD in Chemistry and track record in building leading businesses. Paul is set to do it again this time in innovative clinical applications

  • Scientists:

  • Ron Gill as CTO, joined the company after a position as Assistant Professor NanoBioPhysics at the University of Twente, and as a lead researcher at Philips. Ron is an expert in label free assay business and applications

  • Ivan Stojanovic as Lead Assay Developer, PhD in developing novel applications using SPR, with unique skills in complex assay development

  • Address:
    Prinsestraat 12
    7513 AL Enschede
    The Netherlands

    Please make contact to find out more at;

    Contact Management, Paul Smit +31 6 416 27000 & Eric Smith +31 6 455 09313
    Ideally by email at